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Work with
an experienced,
ghostwriter on your book or screenplay

...who specializes in writing stories
about traumatic incidents that have affected you deeply

Author of an internationally
acclaimed bestselling book on PTSD


Ghostwriting your traumatic story is an undertaking for only the most skilled professional writer, someone who can empathize with others, both men and women, who can capture another person’s inner voice, someone who will listen...

...someone who understands what trauma does to a human being.

 Allen R. Kates, MFAW
an experienced, skilled Ghostwriter
specializing in writing stories about trauma

  •   a 35 year writing veteran, journalist, bestselling author, U.S. based, with clients in several countries, who writes books and screenplays

  •  author of the bestselling, internationally acclaimed book, CopShock, Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • was story development executive at Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in Hollywood. His job was finding and working with writers on their television programs and screenplays.
  •  a creative writer with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree 

  •  an objective detail person able to create an overall vision of a story
  •  a well-known board certified PTSD and trauma expert
  •  who understands the dramatic and traumatic turning points in our lives
  •  who has traveled to many countries and interviewed more than 1,000 people

  •  who maintains confidentiality and enjoys seeing others achieve their goals
  •  who is compassionate, nonjudgmental, and allows another person’s voice to be heard
  •  who lives and breathes the writing process  

                   "Allen has a talent beyond anything you can learn in a book.
                    He has a way of connecting with your soul and helping you
                    put your heart on paper.

                    "I recommend his services to anyone who is wanting to write
                    a book and not able to get there on their own."

                                                    —Sharon Knutson-Felix,
                                                                      Author of
                                                            Gifts My Father Gave Me,
                                                            Finding Joy After Tragedy


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