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Before you contact me about writing your book...

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When would you like to start?

When you contact me, be sure to say when you would like to start your project. I'd be happy to email you a mutually-beneficial Ghostwriting Agreement.

As my time is in demand, and human cloning hasn’t been perfected yet, a signed Agreement and retainer are required to place you on the schedule. Please reserve time for your book writing project as soon as possible. Everything you tell me is confidential.

Sample of Allen's writing

When ghostwriting books, I write in the author's "voice." I use the author's words from interviews, transcripts, conversations and personal and professional writings. Sometimes people ask me what my style is. My style is different in every book, as it captures the essence of the author, the way the author speaks, thinks and dreams.

However, I wrote the book CopShock under my own name and it is a good representation of my personal writing. Examples from CopShock and books I ghostwrote are at:

Please note that I can only show you work where my name was included on the book's cover. My other ghostwriting work is confidential.

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(480) 949-0792 Landline

In Phoenix, Arizona, USA area... But I work with clients around the world