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Specializing in PTSD and traumatic subject matter


For many years, I have written screenplays, both in Canada and in the United States.


While working as a story development executive in Hollywood for Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, my main role was working with writers. In that capacity, I helped writers with their television scripts and screenplays. During that period, I was also asked to rewrite screenplays, scripts and television treatments for clients.


As a ghostwriter, not only do I write books for would-be authors, but I also rewrite screenplays, as well as write original screenplays and film treatments for producers and other writers.


Screenplays are unlike any other form of writing. In 120 pages, you have to bring a story to life, brimming with captivating characters and a compelling story that an audience would like to see, a story on which investors want to spend millions of dollars.


Hey, no pressure.

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