Your story, your writer

Allen R. Kates, MFAW

Voices of the Blue, 6-part series by Lt. Randy Sutton
Producer/Director Jason Harney

Allen Kates is featured in 4 episodes of this new Police PTSD video series:

Hosted by the CEO and Founder of The Wounded Blue Organization, Lieutenant Randy Sutton, "Voices of the Blue" features the true stories of our Law Enforcement Officers and their experiences after becoming physically and mentally injured in the line of duty. As told by the Cops themselves, the series explores the consequences of trauma incurred when the aftermath of a critical incident leaves these heroes to cope with their injuries alone, often abandoned by their agencies and sent in a downward spiral where they lose everything that matters most.
Episode 1: Consequences of Trauma.

Episode 2: Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

Episode 3: The Massive German Shepherd.

Episode 4: The Darkness of Depression.

Episode 5: The Nightmares Will Not Stop.

Episode 6: Someone To Talk To.